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Click here for full details of our Booking Service Save time and money by using our booking service.
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About the Spotlight Accommodation and Services Guide
We charge a nominal fee for proprietors to be included in our directory. This ensures that people who promote their accommodation with us actively welcome and specifically cater for the needs of walkers. The accommodation details contained within the guide are constantly updated.
Last Updated:
28th September 2020

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We're pleased to offer two great services (Accommodation Booking and Baggage Transfer) to make the planning and execution of your walk more enjoyable.

Accommodation Booking Service
You've planned your journey, bought your maps and guidebooks and now you've got the chore of telephoning all of your chosen accommodation providers to arrange your Bed and Breakfast provision.  Well now there's a different way to do it with the TheDalesWay Internet Booking Service.  It's a lot like traditional booking with the advantage that you can do it via this site where we're open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year!

Simply choose your accommodation from our guide, using our 'Itinerary Planner' to enter the details of your preferred reservations.  We'll contact the proprietors on your behalf to arrange a booking and confirm the reservations with you.  If your first choice isn't available we'll contact other accommodation, taking account of your individual needs, to ensure that you get something that meets your requirements.

After we've done all this we take an administration fee for the service.  You pay the accommodation proprietors directly as you undertake your walk.  We like to think that we provide a good service so if you are not 100% satisfied with our service we will give you a full refund - that's our guarantee.

If you prefer to arrange your bookings yourself then that's OK too - all of the entries in our guide have contact numbers with them.  If you are calling from overseas remember the time difference - but I think you'll find our service is cheaper than all of those expensive long distance phone calls you're about to make!

Baggage Transfer Service
We are pleased to offer, in association with Sherpa, a baggage transfer service. Your baggage is moved from accommodation to accommodation - door-to-door - each day so that you need carry only a small daypack whilst walking.

The cost of this service is 5 per pack/bag per movement and each bag should weigh no more than 14kg.

Please note that there is a 2 bags minimum on this route and the service only operates in a South to North direction from Ilkley to Windermere.

How to Use the Itinerary Planner

As you browse through our accommodation guide you will see an 'Itinerary Planner' next to each accommodation provider.  Once you've decided where you wish to stay simply pick the date using the drop-down boxes and then click 'Add'.  Remember to check that the accommodation provider offers the type and amount of accommodation that you require.

Day Month Year
Click here to add this Guesthouse to your itinerary Click here to view your itinerary Click here for help using our booking system
Click here for checkout
The accommodation will be added automatically to your itinerary planner which you can check at any time by clicking on 'View'

Now planning is much more fun!  You can remove and add places from your itinerary as often as you like.

As a tip, add your accommodation to your planner in the order that you intend to make the walk i.e. starting at either Ilkley or Bowness and Windemere and adding each place after that. You'll find it much easier to check your planner this way.

Once you're happy with your choice of places to stay proceed to the next stage.  Here we ask you for further details to ensure that we can book accommodation that meets your requirements e.g. the type of room, non-smoking, vegetarian meals, if your first choice is not available.

Once you're confident that everything is in order proceed to the 'Order' page.  At this point you must decide how you want to submit the order to us and pay for our booking service.

Spotlight is a customer of Barclays Merchant Services, the UKs leading acquirer of card payment transactions - Click here for more details We accept all Major Credit Cards - Barclaycard, Mastercard, Amex, Switch, Eurocard, JCB, Solo, Delta As authorised customers of Barclays Merchant Services we accept payment by credit card, cheque or International Money Order.  You can place your order on-line, send it by e-mail, fax it, telephone us or even send it in the mail!

Secured by Thawtes Digital Certificate - Click Here for Details We are committed to protecting your credit card information.  We use a Level 3 Secure Server which means that once encrypted no-one can see your credit card information even if they were able to intercept your e-mail.

If you submit your order electronically you'll get an immediate automated reply to let you know that we've received it.  Make sure you watch your email - we'll contact you within a couple of days to confirm your bookings or ask any questions which may arise.

Cost of the Booking Service

Our charges are based upon the number of people in the party and the number of nights accommodation that you require.  Use the table below, enter how many are in your party and how many nights you need accommodation.  This will show you the cost per person of our booking service.

Please note that there is a minimum 2 persons per booking.

 Booking service Cost    
Number in Party  
Duration of Walk (nights)  
Our Booking Service Cost (Per Person)  

So save yourself time and money by using the TheDalesWay Internet Booking Service - with our money back guarantee what have you got to lose?

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Tuesday, 29th September, 2020

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